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28 July 2014

And we are put on earth a little space,
That we may learn to bear the beams of love

— William Blake


people become more beautiful when you give them the power to hurt you

25 July 2014

fiction // for hxc

what if i told you i broke up with you because i was an angel?
no, i don’t think you’d believe me.
who would?
but it wasn’t your fault,
it wasn’t anything about you.
it was me,
i had to find the pieces of myself again
that were missing.
ironically, you were the one
who ended up breaking me apart
in the end
so i could find them.

but you know what?

that’s okay.
i (for)give you

people just aren’t
for each other.

sometimes people need
to find their own wings.


you’re always allowed to be better.

23 July 2014

i thought about the girl i was when i was 12. a writer, an artist, a romantic. still (already) fighting for justice, in vocabulary and “on the playground” (do middle schoolers even “play” on “playgrounds”?) and how both depressed and hopeful i imagine she was. well, depressed, i know she was. i don’t so much know about hopeful.


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